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HEAT SEALING For Round Bottom Liners

Heat sealing technology is used to produce flat seam and round bottom liners, such as our CHNTAINER round bottom liners bags series.
CFDPLAS’s proprietary impulse heat seal equipment enables us to seal polyethylene products, as well as difficult to seal specialty films, including:
Metallized polyester and foil laminates for moisture protection
Conductive laminates and anti-static films for volatile materials
Nylon and co-extruded films for chemical resistance
Polypropylene for high-temperature requirements
Low-density polyethylene for general use


CFDPLAS uses heat-sealing equipment that closely monitors the heat, time and pressure of every seal on every liner. In the event that one of the processing parameters should fall out of the specified range,the equipment automatically shuts down; stopping all possibilities of a faulty seal being created.
In addition to utilizing the most sophisticated technology in the industry,CFDPLAS also takes great pride in its trained work force. 
CFDPLAS uses the best films available for the customer’s applications.