Sample Extraction Pumps(Vacuum Sampling Pumps,Fluid Samplers,Oil Samplers)

CFDPLAS manufacture and supply Sample Extraction Pumps(fluid samplers) for on-line oil sampling,the extraction vacuum sampling pump allows maintenance staff to extract the oil into the sample bottle via clear hosing, and the hosing is then discarded in an environmentally clean manner.
Once the oil or other lubricant is extracted into the sample bottle, the extraction pump will need to be cleaned using a clean cloth and placed into a clean and sealable bag as to ensure that contaminants do not get into the thread or in the pump itself.
The fluid sample pump comes up with aluminum and brass and has a measurable head size of 38mm(or 45mm,32mm,28mm,22mm,customer-made); this is commonly used and should be acceptable for most oil analysis bottles.
CFDPLAS also provide the sample kits required to collect the oils and lubricants.

Oil & Liquids Sampler - Vacuum Sampling Pump

For simple and effective lube oil sampling from machine sumps and storage tanks, CFDPLAS supply durable, easy to use and versatile extraction pumps.
These hand operated vacuum pumps can be used for 22 mm and 45 mm screw neck sample bottles. 
Sampling from tanks,drums and /or engine sumps does create sometimes challenges because the access is difficult. Especially in tanks and drums it is important to not only sample from the top or bottom but to get a representative sample for the total volume.
CFDPLAS supplies reliable and easy to use hand operated vacuum sample extraction pumps for simple lube oil sampling.
The vacuum pumps can be used for sample bottles with different necks.

Fluid Sampler-Sample Extraction Pump

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Lubricant Oil Sample Bottle 100ml to 1000ml

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Sample Extraction Flexible Tube 6mm and 8mm

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O-Ring Seals NBR/EPDM

6mm and 8mm seal repair kit NBR O-Rings built to fit our 38mm pump for repairing damaged seals in our 38mm vacuum sampling pumps flexible tubes.