Properties of Modified PTFE TFM PFA
Basic PTFE is a linear polymer of tetrafluoroethylene, CF2=CF2
Two co-polymers using perfluoropropylene-vinyl-ether (PPVE) as co-monomer are commercially important, these are:
TFM,a copolymer with about 0.1% PPVE
PFA,a copolymer with 3 - 15% PPVE
TFM is essentially similar to PTFE but with reduced porosity, improved tensile strength and a high degree of weldability.
PFA is a melt-processable thermoplastic with similar chemical resistance to PTFE. It has much lower porosity and is translucent.
FEP, Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene,a thermoplastic,is also a member of this family and shows the high chemical resistance characteristic of fluoropolymers along with excellent clarity

PFA Dissolved Sample Tanks & Sample Vials

PFA Dissolved Sample Tanks and sample Vials have been the choice of the Geochemists worldwide for sample digestion and evaporation.

Molded from the highest purity grade of virgin PFA,they are chemically insert,with ultra low trace metal content,while the flat bottom and wide service temperature range makes them perfect for use with the hotplate.

Standard tanks are widely used for the collection,storage,archiving or disposal of various substrates.Seamless design,rounded corners and wide opening allows easy transfer and removal of the entire content.

Service temperature range of PFA is -328°F to 500°F (-200°C to 260°C)

Flat surface on bottom of vial ideal for hot plate heating

Flat interior allows for large surface area for contents

The volume of the PFA dissolved sample tanks and standard tanks standard vials:7ml,15ml,23ml,30ml,50ml,60ml,90ml,120ml,180ml,200ml,240ml and so on or customer made. 

PFA Sample Vessels & Sample Jars

CFDPLAS has developed a line of high purity PFA sealed digestion vessels for rapid sample dissolution.

These vessels can be placed directly in a microwave oven for controlled high speed heating to drastically reduce the time required to dissolve or digest an analytical sample.

CFDPLAS digestion vessels are designed for the increasingly aggressive digestion preparation methods used in trace analytical procedures. These molded PFA digestion vessels feature ultra low metals content and are compatible with all mineral acids.

Alternatively, these vessels can be supplied with flat bottoms for hot plate heating and digestion.

Although effective, these methods can produce hazardous conditions which should only be attempted by the skilled analytical chemist with expertise in pressurized digestions.

Service temperature range of PFA is -328°F to 500°F (-200°C to 260°C)

Designed for rapid sample digestion via microwave techniques

Flat exterior for hot plate heating and digestion

The volume of the PFA digestion vessels and digestion Jars:10ml,20ml,30ml,50ml,60ml,90ml,100ml,120ml,200ml

PFA Block Digestion Tubes

More options for clean sample digestion. CFDPLAS digestion vessels are designed for the increasingly aggressive digestion preparation methods used in trace analytical procedures. These molded PFA digestion vessels feature ultra low metals content and are compatible with all mineral acids.

Digestion vessels with flat exteriors can be used on the HPX hotplate. Our PFA block digestion tubes are the cleanest

and highest performing block digestion tubes available. Molded from high purity virgin PFA, and with a working temperature range up to 260˚C, these block digestion tubes can be used for all high temperature block digestion methods.

CFDPLAS PFA block digestion tubes are the cleanest and highest performing block digestion tubes available.

Molded from high purity virgin PFA, they feature an ultra low trace metal background–important for digestions that are to be analyzed by ICP-MS.

The maximum working temperature range of PFA is 260˚C, which allows these block digestion tubes to be used for all high temperature block digestion methods.

Service temperature range of PFA is -328°F to 500°F (-200°C to 260°C)

Designed for block digestion units

Compatible with all acids

Threaded top for long term storage

The most commonly used digestion tube size is 50 mL.also have 5ml,10ml,15ml,20ml,25ml,60ml digestion tubes.

TFM PFA Microwave Digestion Vessel Liners

Digestion vessels are designed for the increasing aggressive,digestion preparation methods used in trace analytical procedures.

Dimensionally stable basic vessel with exchangeable liner and screw cover made of TFM/PFA/PTFE, homogenous, non-porous surface. The liner allows a more precise weighted sample and different digestions with only one basic vessel.

These molded PFA/TFM/PTFE digestion vessels feature ultra,low metals content and are compatible with all mineral acids,Digestion vessels with flat exteriors can also be placed directly on a hot plate for heating to maximize the performance of PFA digestion vessel products.

CFDPLAS manufactures a wide variety of vessels to meet the temperature and pressure conditions required to completely digest your samples.

All CFDPLAS vessels are manufactured from materials that are microwave transparent and focus all of the energy to your samples.

The open architecture design provides for rapid cooling without the need for special accessories.

From high throughput to high pressure CFDPLAS has the right vessel for the task at hand.

Digestion Vessels Liners have 5ml.10ml,60ml,90ml,100ml,120ml and other customer made volume vessel liner.

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Centrifuge Tubes

PTFE centrifuge tube also named F4 centrifuge tube,Teflon Centrifuge tube
Centrifuge Tubes & Test Tubes have a smooth internal finish and are usable to 280°C. 
Available with or without screw caps.
Isostatically molded in pure, FDA approved, PTFE
Heavy wall construction
Use up to 280°C
Guaranteed inert and crack-free
CFDPLAS offer the broadest line of laboratory consumables available from any one source. 
Many of our products can be private labeled, specially packaged and customized to suit your needs.
Centrifuge Tube 5ML(16*56MM), PTFE, F4
Centrifuge Tube 10ML(16.5*103MM), PTFE, F4 
Centrifuge Tube 20ML(22*105MM), PTFE, F4  
Centrifuge Tube 30ML(25*118MM), PTFE, F4  
Centrifuge Tube 45ML(28*105MM), PTFE, F4 
Centrifuge Tube 50ML(28*121MM), PTFE, F4  
Centrifuge Tube 100ML(38*132MM), PTFE, F4

PTFE Reaction Vessels

High-pressure digestion tank (also called pressure melting bomb; hydrothermal synthesis kettle) is mainly used for sample pretreatment and heavy metal determination in chemical analysis methods such as atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence. The high-pressure digestion tank produced by CFDPLAS is sealed with a circular tongue and groove, and the manual screw is strong, with good sealing performance, high safety factor, low consumption of acid and solvent, and high digestion efficiency. Easy to use and other advantages.
The high-pressure digestion tank CFDPLAS is professionally produced, welcome to buy.

25 ml to 1000 ml net filling volume
Design pressures up to 200 bar and temperatures up to 250°C
Acid digestion vessels made from SS-304 or SS-316 with PTFE liner & PTFE cap
Non-metallic microwaveable Acid digestion bombs

Used for dissolving or digesting inorganic or organic samples in strong acids or alkalis

PTFE Insert for HPLC Safety Caps

 PTFE CNC Shaped Insert for HPLC systems safety caps,Available in GL45,GL40,GL38,GL32,GL28
Enclose harmful or toxic vapors .
Teflon and Tefzel construction with PE or PP cap rings.
Special design prevents twisting of tubing.
Includes teflon tubing for solvent reservoir.
Various port and bore sizes, materials and configurations 
Colored with GL standard screw threads(GL45/GL40/GL38/GL32/GL28). PTFE insert with numbered holes(1-6 holes). 
Most labs use this bottle cap (also called Solvent Delivery Caps) to ensure that their mobile phase is not contaminated and thereby helps to comply with their HPLC GLP requirements. 
Your mobile phase will only contact medical grade PTFE so there will not be any contamination from plastic or wax film.
Keeping these caps on the bottles with the tubing through holes prevents dust and dirt from getting in and minimizes out gassing or absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere. 
The cap assembly can be auto-claved.

PFA & PTFE Tube Fittings Connectors

PFA and PTFE connectors fittings are professionally used in the high-purity semiconductor industry, and are also suitable for ultra pure water or corrosive chemicals.
Made from virgin, high purity materials,chemically inert fluoropolymer. 
They can maintain good dimensional stability and corrosion resistance between -40°C and 200°C, and have good mechanical properties and resistance to Wear. 
There are two main sealing methods for PFA joints, flared joint sealing and bead joint sealing. 
PFA and PTFE tube fittings have high chemical and temperature resistance and provide clean operation for side loading and vibration applications.

High mechanical strength, good radiation resistance 
Withstand voltage: 220PSI 
Fast installation method: double ferrule forced connection 
The specifications are diversified, the common ones are straight, tee, elbow and cross 
It has special properties such as piezoelectricity, dielectricity and pyroelectricity. 

It is widely used in petrochemical industry,electronic and electrical,steel plant pickling,acid and alkali liquid transportation. 
The product is suitable for semi-rigid hoses such as: PTFE, PFA, PE and other material hoses.​

PFA Laboratory Reagent Bottles

Manufactured inside a clean room from only the highest purity grade PFA and FEP resins, CHNTAINER bottles are the cleanest, most advanced fluoropolymer bottles ever produced.
PFA bottles have been tested by an independent laboratory and found compliant with United Nations protocol for the transport of dangerous goods.

Drop Test: a bottle filled to 98% capacity was dropped from height of 2.85 meters (9.33 Ft) onto a concrete floor. No breaks or leaks resulted.
Leak Tests: Bottles were internally pressurized to 4.4 psi using air. No drop in pressure was detected. Bottles were hydraulically pressurized to 36psi. No leaks developed. Bottles were tested by vertical vibration,bounce and rotation for one hour at 250cpm. No leaks developed.
Available in narrow or wide mouth.

Shape and Design
The wide mouthed 45 mm diameter neck accepts a GL45 threaded closure
Both PFA and FEP versions are highly transparent which makes them convenient to use. 
For pharmaceutical and other compliant environments special applications,

Working Temperature Range
PFA Bottles: -328°F to 500°F (-200°C to 260°C)
FEP Bottles: -328°F to 392°F (-200°C to 200°C)

Available in 50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1L sizes, in both PFA and FEP.

PTFE Laboratory Bottles

Excellent chemical, mechanical and heat resistance. 
Can be safely used continuously from -270° C up to 250°C. 
Particularly suitable for dissolutions and digestions with acids and corrosive agents. 
Entire bottle, including screw caps made of PTFE. 
PTFE bottles volume size : 25ml,50ml,100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml

PTFE Labware Consumables and Accessories

PTFE crucibles,PTFE beakers,PTFE sieve,PTFE funnels,PTFE mixing plugs,PTFE magntic stir bars,PTFE stirring rods - leaf shape,PTFE stoppers,PTFE Fittings,other customized PTFE labreware parts.