Manufacturer Innovator of Flexible Liquids Packaging CHNTAINER®

Changzhou Fengdi Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is the Innovator and manufacturer of the patented CHNTAINER® - Flexible Plastic Packaging containers bladders bottles and drum & pail liners and other liquid packaging accessories in China. We Provide CHNTAINER® - Flexible Packaging such as : Cheertainers,Cube Shaped Liners,Cubebags,Cubitainers,Drum & Pail  Liners,IBC Liners,Form Fit Liners,Round Bottom Liners,Bag-In-Box,Bag-In-Drums,Weld Spouted Fitment Pouches.Flexible Package Caps,Lids,Taps,Faucets,Spigots,Quick ServeTaps, and so on Package Accessories. We also manufactured CHNTAINER®- Clinical Laboratory Reagent Bottles: Hematology Reagent Bottles,Biochemistry Reagent Bottles,Bunker Sampling Bottles,Liquid Sampling Containers,Bunker Samplers,Fuel Oil Samplers, for laboratory use.

Our Mission: Providing the Effective Liquid Packaging Solutions & Systems to Customers 


CFDPLAS Main Makets and Regions as follows:

Chemical Sector

Detergent,Sodium Hyperchlorite,

Battery Fluid,Adhesive,

Develpoer,Liquid Fertilizer,

Metal Surface Treatment Agent,

Water Based Paint,Shampoo,

Antiscales Agent,Formalin,

Surfactant,AdBlue Solution

Food Sector

Soy Sauce,Vinegar,Sauce,


Cooking Oil,Gravy,Food Additives,

Spices,Lactic Acid,Liquid Sugar,

Mirin,Salted Lotus Root,

Salted Scallion,Pickled Burdock,

Salted Mushroom,

Beverage Sector

Sake,Rice Wine,Spirits,

Fruit Wine,Juice,Coffee,

Mineral Water

Medical Sector

Hematology reagent,Diluent,

Cleaner,Lyse reagent,

Hemodialysis Solutions,

Buffer Solution,Stain Solution,

Disinfectant,Deionized water,

Nutrient solution,Bactericide,

Clinical test reagent,

Bio-chemical reagent,

Ultrasound Gel

IVD Systems

Sampling Sector

Liquid Sampling,

Bulk Sampling,

Marine Fuel Sampling,

Water Sampling,

Fuel Oil Sampling,

Bunker Sampling,Lube Oil Sample

Laboratory Sampling,

Dissolved Sample Tank

Sample Pre-Treatment

Sample Digestion Systems

GC & HPLC Analysis Systems

Others Sector

Emergency & Relief

Humanitarian Disaster Relief

Microwave Digestion Vessel Liner

PTFE/TFM Liner,Solvent Safety Caps,PFA Liner,PFA Bottle,PFA Fittings,PFA Tubes,Reacton Vessel Liners,Digestion Tubes,PTFE Centrifuge Tubes,

Semiconductor Industry,

Irrigation,Construction Accessories

Rebar Safety Caps,Rebar Chairs