PTFE Laboratory Bottles,Screw Caps,25ml to 2000ml,Narrow Mouth & Wide Mouth

PTFE is a high-molecular-weight compound consisting wholly of carbon and fluorine that is best known for it's non-stick component. 
Combining the non-stick component with a wide temperature range from cryogenic to 206°C makes for highly desirable lab supplies. PTFE is one of the most thermally stable plastic materials and there is no appreciable decomposition at 260°C. 
Friction coefficient of PTFE products is very low, between 0.05 and 0.09
PTFE bottle body offers high strength and moisture, temperature and thermal expansion resistance
PTFE bottle is used to store strong acid,aqua regia,it is a good product for packaging of various chemical liquid . 
PTFE bottle with screw caps,Both wide-neck and narrow-neck bottles available
PTFE Reagent Bottles,also known as media bottles or graduated bottles,are containers made of PTFE(Teflon),and topped by PTFE cap and are intended to contain chemicals in liquids or powders from for laboratories and stored in cabinets or on shelves.

Thermoplastic Polymer: working temperature -196 to 380 
Corrosion Resistant: Appropriate for most of chemicals and solvents,show the inertness,acid and alkali resistant. 
High Lubrication: Lowest coefficient of friction of and solids
Non-Stick: the strength of carbon-fluorine bonds,and so it is often used for reactive and corrosive chemicals.
Non-Toxic: Stable and nontoxic
Aging Resistant: Maintaining properties when exposed to air,excellent aging resistant

PTFE Laboratory Bottles Features:
Excellent chemical, mechanical and heat resistance.Suitable for low temperature applications. 
Can be safely used continuously from -270° C up to 250°C.Use up to 280oC (540oF) 
Particularly suitable for dissolutions and digestions with acids and corrosive agents. 
Entire bottle, including screw caps made of PTFE. 
Isostatically molded in pure, FDA approved, PTFE
Heavy wall construction with super smooth internal finish
Screw cap housing for leak-free performance
Hand grips for ease of manipulation
Material: PTFE
PTFE bottles Volumes Available Size:25ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 350ml, 400ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, 2000ml

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