TFM/PFA Microwave Digestion Vessels Liners Systems for Sample Preparation

CFDPLAS manufactures a wide variety of vessels to meet the temperature and pressure conditions required to completely digest your samples. 
All CFDPLAS vessels are manufactured from materials PTFE/TFM/PFA that are microwave transparent and focus all of the energy to your samples. 
The open architecture design provides for rapid cooling without the need for special accessories. 
From high throughput to high pressure CFDPLAS has the right vessel for the task at hand.
Digestion Vessels Liners have 5ml.10ml,60ml,90ml,100ml,120ml and other customer made volume vessel liner.

CFDPLAS series TFM digestion Vessels and Liners used on worldwide brand of Microwave Digestion instruments,Hot plate digestiers,like: CEM,Anton-Paar,Milestone,Labtech,Questron,Sineo,Preekem,XinTuo,APL,Ossur,Bohlender,LEEMAN,SCP,Berghof,and so on.

Used on many type of digestion instruments,e.g. 
Graphite digestion instrument,Electrothermal digestion instrument,Automatic Electrothermal Digestion Apparatus,Hot Plate,Acid Catcher,Automatic Digestion Instrument,COD Digestion Instrument,Microwave Digestion Extractor,Microwave Digestion Systems,Microwave Synthesis Systems,Microwave Ashing Systems,Atomic Absorption Spectrometer,Atomic fluorescence spectrometer,High Temperature Automated Block Digestion,Heating Blocks for Open Vessel Digestion,and so on.

CEM Digestion Vessel Liner

Used on CEM MARS5,MARS6,MARS Xpress,EasyPrep XP1500+OMNI series Microwave Digestion equipment,CEM TFM Vessel liner 5ml,25ml,40ml,55ml,60ml,75ml,100ml,110ml

Milestone Digestion TFM Vessel Liner

Used on Milestone microwave digestion systems :ETHOS A/ETHOS B/ETHOS UP,Graphite Digester,TFM Vessel volume 50ml,80ml,100ml,

LabTech Digestion Vessel Liner

Used on labtech DigiBlock digestion systems ED16/ED36/ED54/EHD20/EHD36,hot plates S16/S36/ST36/EH20/TF16/TF20/TF36/TF60,laboratory centrifuges,TFM vessel Liner 50ml,100ml

Sineo Digestion TFM Vessel Tank Liner

Used on Sineo Microwave Digestion instrument:MDS-15 MASTER/MDS-6G MASTER/UWave-2000/JUPITER/TANK PLUS/TANK PRO/SE-60/MP-100/SG-70/DV-600/SH60A,ECH Hot Plates,TK12/TK20 acid catcher,TFM Vessel Liner 50ml,100ml

Anton-Paar Digestion Vessel Liner

Used on Anton-Paar Microwave digestion HVT50/HVT56/HV80/Multiwave pro-16 positions,TFM Digestion vessel liner 50ml,80ml,100ml

Preekem Digestion Vessel Liner

Used on Preekem Microwave digestion systems:WX-8000/WX-6000/WX-4000/TOPEX-40/Med-C/GT-400,TFM Vessel Liner

APL Digestion Vessel Liner

Used on APL Microwave Digestion Equipment TOUCH WIN4.0,TOUCH WIN2.0-16 positions,20-60 positions Graphite Digestion Instrument,TFM Vessel Liner Volume:50ml,70ml,100ml,110ml

Questron Digestion Vessel Liner

Used on Questron Microwave Digestion Equipment QLab Pro, Q-wave, eVHP,LVHT; 20-72 positions Graphite Digestion Blocks Instrument-Vulcan,Q-plate,TFM Vessel Liner Vials Volume:15ml,25ml,50ml,100ml