Bunker Fuel Oil Sample Bottles

CFDPLAS produce a range of HDPE and PETG sample bottles for fuel oil and lubricants testing and sample analysis.

Bunker Sample Bottles are designed to allow sampling hot oils for analysis. We also provide special customized bottles and bottle adapters for your sampling system.

Sample Bottles are supplied in sizes of 50 ml,100 ml,500 ml,750 ml and 1000 ml and so on for marine fuel analysis.

Complete sample bottle packs including special mailing boxes and label for shipping the samples to the laboratory are available as well. (IATA approved transportation mailing carton.)

The Fuel Oil Sample bottles are all sealable for tamper evidence.For storage,transportation and retention of fuel samples. It is needed appropiate sampling containers like 1000 ml or 750 ml bottles to provide for the laboratory, for the surveyor and the authorities as well for the retention purpose onboard a sufficient amount of sample.

High quality standards,cleanliness, and durability makes these bottles the superior choice in the oil analysis industry.

These lab testing bottle has been used for years for bunker fuel testing of bunkering operation.

It can also be used for any liquid product that is compatible with HDPE.

It is ideal for MARPOL sample bottle requirements.

The bottle's thick walls and tight fitting cap give you piece of mind for important lab requirements.

The pre-numbered security tags make tracking of each bottle easy.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • Long life stability and durability.
  • Bottles can be custom labeled with name or logo depending on volume.
  • Various colors of caps are available to help segregate sample programs.(usually is blue and red)


  • Oil Analysis Programs
  • Retained Batch Oil Samples at Lube Blending Plants,Lubricant Distributors,Laboratories,Marine Vessels, Industrial Plants and Food Processing for quality and specification verification.
  • Numerous other applications involving the storage of liquid samples.

Rectangular Bunker Fuel Sample Bottles 1000ml & 750ml

1000 ml & 750 ml heavy duty HDPE fuel oil sample bottles with caps and security seals (bottle can be fit with 4 seals).

Rectangular based shape for easier handling

Self-aligning cap when closed fully

4 unique seals sealing capable

Tamper evident seals supplied

Model Number  Volume  Material  Neck(mm) Pack Unit 
CFD-SBC-001  1000 ml HDPE 32  100 
CFD-SBC-002    750 ml HDPE 32 100 

Square Fuel and Lube Oil Sampling Bottles 750ml

750 ml square bottom heavy duty HDPE fuel oil sample bottles in bulk with numbered tamper evident caps and shoulder security seals.

Focusing solely on a new 750ml square bottle which is stronger and offers increased security CFDPLAS’s new sample bottle packs contain bottles,numbered tamper evident caps and MARPOL approved labels

Model Number Volume Material Neck(mm) Pack Unit
CFD-SBC-003 750 ml HDPE 32 100
CFD-SBC-004 1000 ml HDPE 32 100


Round Fuel Oil Sample Bottles 1000ml & 500ml

Round bottom sample bottles are high quality,high performance bottles,typically used for oil analysis or retained oil samples.These round bottom sampling bottles are made from HDPE plastic and manufactured by Extrusion-blow molding. These high density polyethylene bottles with a polypropylene cap are economical,single-use,and break resistant. Break resistant bottles will fit your sampling needs.Guaranteed leak-proof for safe sampling,shipping,and storage.

Model Number Volume Material Neck(mm) Pack Unit
CFD-SBC-006  1000 ml HDPE 32  100
CFD-SBC-007  750 ml HDPE 32  100


CHNTAINER® Bunker Sample Bottles

CFDPLAS produce a range of HDPE and PETG sample bottles for fuel oil and lubricants testing and sample analysis.