fibc fluid bags 1000 liters

fibc fluid bags 1000 liters

Model No.︰CFD-FIBC-1000FB


Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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Product Description

FIBC Fluid-Bag offers flexible,hermetic IBC container solutions for the whole logistics chain, from filling to discharge. The closed packaging system avoids risk of particle, bacteria or moisture contamination.

The flexible inner container is suitable for both for internal storage and external transportation
Fluid-Bag’s range of discharge equipment efficiently discharges liquid and semisolid products, enabling companies to obtain significantive cost savings by reducing product residue.
The inner container is used only once, eliminating expensive cleaning costs. It can also be irradiated, to obtain the right level of hygiene for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.Fluid-Bag’s containers are produced in clean facilities.

Correct use of the Fluid-Bag containers minimizes product residue and environmental impact.

To achieve the best results,Fluid-Bag offers a wide range of easy to use,high quality equipment for all the stages in the supply chain, such as: Filling,Handling,Discharging

Superior container solutions for air and moisture sensitive products

Fluid-Bag flexible IBC solutions enable customers to improve their storage,internal handling and filling,while guaranteeing products are filled in air-free containers,suitable for highly-sensitive products,preserving product quality critical to the end user.

Viscous liquids are efficiently discharged using Fluid-Bags sophisticated discharge equipment resulting in minimum product residue,thus optimizing product usage and minimising wastage.

The Fluid-Bag system offers:

Single-use, clean inner container;

Filling, supply and discharge with no risk of contamination or ingress of air;

High barrier foils for air and moisture-sensitive liquids;

Improved health and safety.
Fluid-Bag is used for: Fruit preparations, bakery fillings, ointments and lotions;Glues, sealants and pastes, paints and coatings, automotive industry.

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