Bulk Strap Belt Sling Bag

Bulk Strap Belt Sling Bag

Model No.︰CFD-BSB-1201


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰3000 pc

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Product Description

Bulk Sling Bag is generally used to handle many small 20~50kg sacks for economical and efficient handling, transportation and storing.

It is designed to replace pallets which are costly, breakable and quarantine. It is further designed for fast loading and unloading a vessel, greatly reducing transportation loss and free hatch contamination.

When giving inquiry, please furnish us with the following information

1.Weight of charged sack

2.Size of charged sack

3.Number of sacks per each sling

4.Type of model : belt, sack or cap

5.Load dimensions (W X L X H)


Cost saving

- Use without pallets Efficient, Simple & Economical

- For handling transportation and storage of small bags

- Reduce Losses

- Minimize losses and breakage during transportation.

Easy Operation,Simple Design

Safe Working Load(S.W.L.): 500 kg - 2000 kg

Safe factor(S.F.)  – 5:1 ; 6 :1

How to use sling bags

1. Unfold the sling on the ground or pallet.

2. Set on the bags on the sling, place the bags to be lie close together and centrally over the base of the sling

3. Each time a later is built, rotate the pattern of stacking 90 degree.

4. Fasten the lashing straps diagonally across the top of the unit.

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Belt Type Sling bulk bag and Sack Type Sling bulk bag

Price Terms︰ EXW,CFR

Payment Terms︰ TT

Lead Time︰ within 20 days

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