Gusseted Spouted Pouch 2 Litres

Gusseted Spouted Pouch 2 Litres

Model No.︰CFD-CB1002


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰14000 pc

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Product Description

Product Name: Gusseted Spouted Pouch cheertainer 2Litres
Brand Name: Chntainer
Capacity: 2 liters
Model Number:CFD-CB1002
Color: Transparent
Body of cube bag: double layer films,
Outer layer: Nylon(or EVOH)5-layer co-extrusion films
Inner layer: LLDPE films
Processing: Heat-Sealing
Spout: 32mm fill spout fitment gland,with threads or no threads. 
Cap: 38mm HDPE Screw cap,or Press tap.
Gasket: inner plug,TPE seal,
Dimensions:(flat size)
WXD(Gusseted depth)XL: 155mmX120mmX285mm,around 50g/PC,
Place of Origin: CHINA
Fitment & Tap Accessories:
Screw cap,quick serve tap,nozzle,tube cap,press tap,quick connector,
The fitment is always in the correct position in the box. 
Product Description:
Gusseted, form-fit multi-ply bag.
passed FDA certificate
clean room production workshop
Complied with Food Sanitary Law
Product Feature:
Occupies the least space.
The Chntainer is virtually a flat bag,minimizing shipping and warehouse space requirements.
The flexible,cube shape minimizes dead space, allowing more product per pallet.  
Strong and durable.
The Chntainer offers excellent quality due to its superior seam strength.
Excellent chemical property
Easier handing.
Lack of internal folds means improved,more-accurate filling and more than 99.9% dispensing of nearly any product.
No need for washing or sterilization.
Friendly to environment.
The Chnntainer bag in box is a replacement for many rigid packages,including cube-shaped inserts,cans and plastic pails.
The Chntainer bag in box uses significantly less plastic and on average,costs notably less than a similar capacity rigid container, including plastic pails,bottle and cube-shaped containers.
Filling Options:
Chntainers are suitable for use with manual,semi-automatic and fully automatic fill lines. 
Bag in box Chntainers fill without air,therefore no foaming or splashing.
Payment &Shipping Terms:
MOQ: 14000 Pieces
Port: Shanghai
Packaging Details:350PCS/CTN  
Delivery Time: in 18 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 250000Pieces/Per Month 
Typical Chntainer Markets & Application:
Chntainer is well accepted in the chemicals,food and drug industries. 
Chemical (adhesives,agricultural,automotive lubricants,automotive oils,chemicals,coatings,detergents,inks,paints) 
Cosmetic (cleansers,conditioner,cream, liquid makeup,lotion,shampoo,tanning spray) 
Food & Beverage (flavorings,purees,sauces,vinegar,beverage base,coffee,dairy, juice,lemonade,tea,water) 
Other Information:
If you have any question,please feel free to contact us. E-mail:
Related bag-in-box cheertainer in liquid chemicals application: 
urea bag,Wood vinegar,Bamboo vinegar,Lactic acid bacteria,Organic enzymes,The plant-activating agent,Liquid pesticides,
bag in box Cheertainer 1L(1QT),5L (1.25 gal),10L (2.5 gal),15L(4 gal.),18L(4.75 gal.) and 20L (5 gal), 22L(5.5 gal), 25L(6.25 gal).

Price Terms︰ EXW

Payment Terms︰ TT

Packing︰ 350PCS/CTN

Lead Time︰ within 20 days

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