250ml Gram stain solution HDPE bottle

250ml Gram stain solution HDPE bottle

Model No.︰BTL-055/056/057


Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰3000 pc

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Product Description

250ml stain solution HDPE bottle

Stain solution bottle size: Ø59mm×131mm(H)

Bottle Model No.: BTL-055,BTL-056,BTL-057,BTL-058

Materials of Bottles: HDPE

Weight of bottle: 30g/pc

Unit Pack: 300pcs/CTN

Color of Bottles : Natural

Stain solution bottles application:

250ml stain solution HDPE bottle used on ALP Stain kit,Giemsa Stain,Giemsa Stain,Dewaxing Reagent,Mounting Reagent,Transparent Reagent,Toluidine blue Stain Kit,AB-PAS Stain Kit,Reticular Fiber Stain Kit,Congo Red Stain,Diff-Quik Stain Kit,Quick Sperm Stain Kit,Karyotype Analysis Stain Kit,Oil Red O Stain Kit,Masson Stain Kit,TTC Stain Kit,Methylene blue Stain Kit,Ultra Fast Modified Papanicolaou Stain Kit,Modified Papanicolaou Stain Kit,Peroxidase Stain Kit,Eosin Stain Kit,Vasopermeability (Evan's Blue)Stain Kit,Cell Viability Detected Stain Kit,Helicobacter pylori Stain Kit,Acid-fast Stain Kit,Giemsa Stain Kit,Wright - Giemsa Stain Kit,Gram Stain Kit,Wright's Stain Kit,Hematoxylin - Eosin Stain kit,Hematoxylin Stain kit,PAS / Gycogen Stain kit,Double esterase,Alkaline esterase Stain Kit,Neutral esterase Stain Kit,Acid Esterase Stain Kit,Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase Stain Kit,ACP Stain kit,ALP Stain kit,cALP Stain Kit,and so on.

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