Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank Liners

Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank Liners

Model No.︰CFD-PTL-200000


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰5000 pc

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Product Description

Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank Liners

Material: HDPE or Polypropylene

Model Compatibility:Gal Pressure Tank

Style :Disposable

Type: Pot Liner,Tank Liner

Volume :2L to 220L

Product Weight :according to different type of tank liners 

UOM: each

Semi-rigid pressure tank liners custom made of tough, durable,high density polyethylene with "anti-static" additive to minimize static electricity build-up in shipping and handling.

Ideal for use with all materials that are compatible with polyethylene.

Made of tough,durable,high density polyethylene and HDPE

Will not contaminate materials


Allows quicker color changes

Time saving clean up

Reduces solvent cost in clean up

Used with Binks,DeVilbiss and other brands Pressure Tanks pressure pots.

A disposable tank liner is supplied with all pressure tanks as standard.
Made from anti-static material,disposable for easy clean-ups, most economical way to run most applications and reduces costly downtime

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It requires less lead time and tooling costs than traditional manufacturing techniques like injection molding or machining while also offering a lower part cost than 3D printing. Although thermoforming has more design limitations than these technologies, it offers excellent value for compatible projects.

With a variety of materials available, our thermoforming services are ideal for a range of products, from custom trays and packaging to large panels, displays and housings.

Price Terms︰ EXW/CFR/FOB

Payment Terms︰ TT

Lead Time︰ within 20 working days

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